The Best Detox Pills For THC

THC can be a real vicious animal when you want to pass a drugs test. Even though it’s one of the milder drugs, its traces can last far longer than most others. That’s why people search for detox pills for THC, to trying to get rid of THC metabolites faster than naturally.

The good news is that an infrequent weed smoker can be clear of THC metabolites in about four days. However, if you are a frequent smoker, then studies have shown the metabolites can still be detectable in urine three weeks later, and sometimes even longer for really chronic users.

So how do you get to weed out of your system fast? Well, the answer is to do a natural detox, speeded up by detox pills. But what are the best detox pills for THC, and how quickly will they work?

Why THC Is (Sort Of) Different To Other Drug Metabolites

 THC metabolites, primarily THC-NOOH are different from most other drug metabolites in that they bind to fat cells in the body. This means that the majority are actually transported out through the bowels. Studies have shown up to 65% of THC metabolites exit through the bowels.

However, they are the only sort of different to other drug metabolites, because up to 30% of the metabolites still get excreted through urine, which is why marijuana use can still be detectable in a urine sample drug test.

So it’s the mechanism of how they exit the body which makes THC metabolites different. That’s why some detox pills claim that they can target THC metabolites, by encouraging them to bind to fat more readily, allowing for better transport out of the body through the bowels.

However, that ignores the fact that some THC metabolites still exit through the bladder, so the detox pill still has to push things out through your urinary tract as well.

How To Detox For A Drug Test

There is no such thing as a miracle detox pill, so let’s get that claim at the way first. If you want to know how to get weed out your system fast, you have to understand that you need to do a natural detox. That means stopping smoking.

In addition, you will need to do the following, to make sure that your body works at its best, so that it can eliminate toxins as fast as possible:

  • Eat fiber, whole grains, lean meat, fruit, and vegetables
  • Avoid fatty foods
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and other toxins
  • Exercise daily
  • Sweat daily
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Visit the toilet frequently
  • Stay calm by doing relaxation

Now, this process could take a couple of weeks, as you now know that THC toxins can take that long to work their way out your system, even longer if you are smoking several joints a day, and have been for months.

But the problem is, that your body can only work a certain pace. The only way to accelerate a natural detox, is to use a supplement that can drag more toxins out, and give your body more nutrients to work with, which is why the only way to learn how to detox for drug test quickly, is to learn how to supplement a natural detox with detox pills for THC.

How to get weed out of your system

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast

THC detox pills will help to accelerate a natural detox. They do this by putting resources into your body that both help it to work more efficiently and to eliminate more toxins in their own right.

The claim with specific detox pills for THC is that they contain natural substances which speed up things in your bowels, meaning you go to the toilet more, meaning you push out more THC toxins, which get pushed out with the fat in your body.

Some of these pills contain fiber, usually fruit pectin. This is alleged to help you drag more toxins out through your bowels.

But the problem with all these claims is that they are mostly rubbish. The problem with fruit pectin is that a couple of pills every few hours is not enough. Some people use something called the Surejell method, where they drink an entire pint of fruit pectin to try and eliminate THC metabolites through the bowels more readily.

And it’s the same with all the other claims. Although things like burdock root and rhubarb root can make you go to the toilet more easily, the frequency you are going does not mean that the THC toxins are detaching from fat cells in your body, and working their way into your bowels any more quickly.

So the whole premise is a load of nonsense. Plus, it doesn’t address the fact that you’re going to be urine tested, not stool tested.

Best Detox Pills For THC

detox pills for THC  If you want to know how to get weed out your system fast, then you just have to stick to doing a natural detox, and give it time.

However, you can get high-quality detox pills, things like Toxin Rid, that speed up the elimination of toxins from the body massively.

They will work on all sorts of drug toxins and speed up how the body processes them, not just how fast you go to the toilet.

Alongside a good diet and lots of water, you will eliminate far more toxins than trying to rely on a pill which just makes you sit on the toilet more often.

Learning how to detox for drug test is easy, and now you understand that there are no specific detox pills for THC, it simplifies everything massively.


All you have to do is follow the rules for a natural detox. Then supplement the detox with a high-quality detox pill, with a course duration of around 7-10 days.

So it’s essential you make sure you have detox pills in stock, and you know how to do a natural detox, so when you are a week away from having a drug test, you can just kick straight into doing the detox, supported by detox pills for THC, and any other metabolites you might have in your body.