How To Detox For A Drug Test

In my last article, I wrote about using detox pills for a drug test, how they work and what are their benefits. I also mentioned its necessary to do natural detoxification during taking detox pills otherwise they won’t work as you expect it. Pills and natural detox supports each other, one doesn’t work without the other. In this article I will give you a few tips, you can utilize to get toxins out of your system and pass a drug test.

Home Remedies For Drug Test That Do Not Work

I wanted to write some sentence about home remedies for a drug test. I would advise staying away from them, from all of them. The reason is that these methods are unreliable, ingredients, dosages weren’t measured in a professional lab, therefore they are completely unreliable. What works for me, maybe won’t work for you, or body weight, metabolism, age, smoking habits are different, that’s why you can not rely on them. Not to mention that every single article, the youtube video will give you different directions and different dosage. I saw this comment on a youtube video:

“What if u don’t have that detox drink. I have a test in 2hrs. Not the heaviest smoker but have failed too many tests can’t afford to fail again. Drunk about 2 gallons of water for the last 2 days and about a 56oz of cranberry juice. In 20mins about to slam a packet of Certo and then wait an hour and slam another one. Took 4 niacin pills last night. Took 4 more just now. Can’t find my vitamin B pills tho smh but wish me luck. I have no other choice atm.”

Please do not listen to comments like this. Drinking packets of certo, mixing it with medicines and hoping that it will mask drug metabolism in your system is simply dumb. There are proven ways to pass a drug test, using these products your chances to fail is minimal, so be smart and do not fall for stupid advice.

how to detox for a drug test

How To Detox For A Drug Test

  1. First and the most important step is to stop taking in toxins. Cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, weed, medicines and other drugs are considered toxins. I would also mention high sugar juices and sodas. You must cut these out completely from your diet. I know its obvious, but some people do not seem to understand it.
  2. The second step is increasing your water intake, you must drink a couple of gallons of water every day. It’s very good for your body and it also helps to flush out unwanted toxins from your system. After you are done with your detox, you should continue drinking the same amount of water, as I mentioned it’s great for your health, and also great for your diet. Increasing water intake should be the very first step in every diet.
  3. change your eating habits. Cut out processed foods, foods high in sugar and carbs, these are all very bad for your body, there is no reason to continue eating these trash foods. You should replace them with fresh veggies, fruits, and fiber-rich foods. I do not want to give you an exact diet plan you should follow, but anything green is good, you can eat an unlimited amount from these foods.
  4. Do sport, exercise as much as you can. THC stored in fat cells, sweating melts these fats cells and helps them to release toxins. I would also recommend visiting a steam bath from time to time, its a great way to release toxins in a faster way.

That1s it guys, follow these steps for a couple of days (the longer the better), I would say 5-7 days will be sufficient. During your detox take Toxin Rid or any high-quality detox pills and monitor your results with some home drug tests. You can start checking yourself from day 4.If you are not a very heavy smoker and your body weight is average, you should be clean or just a few steps away from being clean.