Mega Clean Review: Number 1 Detox Drink?

Mega Clean review

Detoxify Mega Clean is one of the most popular detox drink on the market. It works the same way as every other detox drink and It’s in the same league with Ultra Eliminex and Rescue Cleanse 32. In this Mega Clean review, I will tell you how to use Mega Clean detox, where to buy the Toxin Rid Mega Clean combo and what are my thoughts of Detoxify’s product line.

A Few Words About Low-Quality Detox Drinks

There are so many bad quality detox drinks on the market that are basically just colored water with fruity flavor. Using these drinks is a hit and miss, it might work, if you are lucky but in most cases, you will fail. These detox brands encourage you to do natural detox for a week or so, hoping that you will detox yourself naturally and the detox drink will have an easy job masking the remaining toxins. Magnum detox, Chump Flush Out detox, Stinger, Total Eclipse, Qcarbo 16, Rescue Detox, just to name a few, there are many more on the market, but probably these are the most famous, most heavily marketed brands.

How To Use Mega Clean Detox

Using Mega Clean is simple, try not to smoke or use any drugs for 48-72 hours before the drug test. One or two hours before the test, drink the contents of the bottle, refill it twice with cold water and drink it again. Pee 3 times before heading to the lab. Most detox drink works the same way, instructions might be slightly different, but the basic is the same. You can buy Mega clean in most smoke shops and even in Walmart, but there is only one place that sells Mega Clean detox with Toxin Rid pills, and its Testclear.

Mega Clean is a good detox drink, but not the best. However, with the help of the 6 pre rid pills, your chances are significantly higher. If you decide to use Mega Clean, I highly recommend to use it with pre rid pills.

The instructions are simple, take the 6 pills 24 hours before the test. One pill in every two hours, this way these pills will eliminate as many toxins as possible, so the detox drink can mask the remaining toxins in your system much more easily. If you buy Mega Clean without the pills you will pay between 35-40$, if you buy it from Testclear with the detox pills the price is 69$.

Does Mega Clean Work?

This is the million-dollar question, does Mega Clean work? the answer is yes, it does work, however, there are better detox products on the market, I would recommend Rescue Cleanse 32Oz and Ultra Eliminex, on their own both are stronger, but with the pre rid pills, probably Mega Clean is your best bet.

How about using Mega Clean without pre rid pills? Well, it still should work, but I would recommend a few days detox, a minimum of 96 hours. During this time exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, cut out red meat, junk food and sugar. Drink as much water as you can and do everything else that can help to detox your system. Mega Clean is recommended for moderate weed smokers, if you are a chronic smoker, I would recommend synthetic urine instead.