Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine Review: Does It Still The Best?

Quick fix synthetic urine reviews

There are 4 synthetic urine brands on the market that I would recommend using for a drug test. Quick Fix has great reputation, they have been in the business for over 20 years, but their track record is not flawless. Many old fake urine brands used to be very popular, they were high quality and reliable, but they do not work anymore.

The reason is simple, lab tests became much stricter than before, it’s not enough to submit a bottle of colored water, if doesn’t contain the essential ingredients it’s not gonna pass the test. There are other factors that matter, but I wanted to mention the most important one. In this Quick Fix review I will tell you my opinion about this fake urine brand, does it still work or not anymore.

What’s in Quick Fix 6.2 And What Is Missing

Quick Fix 6.2 is the latest formula, according to the manufacturer (Spectrum Labs) Quick Fix is balanced for specific PH and gravity, it contains a number of different chemicals that are normally found in human pee. The most important is urea. Urea is a must if you want to pass a urine test in 2019. However, it’s missing uric acid. That’s another key chemical that should be in the urine. I am not saying you are going to fail without uric acid, but it’s not going to pass a more sophisticated urine test.

Another thing I would like to mention is biocides. These are chemicals that are used for preservation, they are not present in real human pee, so if the lab test for the presence of biocides you will most likely fail. It’s a new trend in testing labs, before 2019 none of the big labs tested for biocides, but this has changed in the last 12 months. This is a huge problem with almost every synthetic urine brands, every manufacturer should update their formula and remove biocides from their urine.

I am not saying Quick Fix is bad, because it’s not true, if you have a simple pre-employment drug test and you are using Quick Fix, you will most likely succeed. The main reason why people fail their test is the incorrect urine temperature. An average piss test is simple, they are not going to check chemicals, not going to check for biocides not going to bother with any of these, usually if the temperature is good you will pass.

Please note, I still don’t recommend buying some crap like magnum, u pass or xstream synthtic urine, even you manage to keep the sample warm enough they still can spot them easily, because of their unnatural color and because they are basically just colored water. The price difference between U pass an


d Quick Fix is almost nothing, so there is no reason to use some low-quality unreliable brand. If you are not sure what to do, just check out some synthetic urine reviews, that always helps.

Better Synthetic Urine Brands Than Quick Fix

Quick fix for drug test

But if the test is more serious (insurance drug test, military or high paying job promotion) then you should not rely on Quick Fix urine. Again using Quick Fix synthetic urine for a drug test is safe in most cases, but sometimes you need something better. There are only two fake urine brands on the market that are better than Quick Fix and they are Sub Solution and Quick Luck urine. Their manufacturer is Clear Choice, they make some very high-quality drug detox products.

Both of these brands come with all the necessary chemicals, besides uric acid they contain a bunch of extra chemicals that are not found in Spectrumlabs Quick Fix. They look and smell like real pee, so there is no way to fail a visual inspection with Clear Choice urine.

The best thing in these brands that they come with heat activator powder, which makes urine heating super easy. I’ve mentioned that most people fail because of wrong urine temperature, with Sub Solution or Quick Luck you must be very dumb to overheat your sample. It’s very easy to use and with some very basic preparation virtually there is no way to fail.

So the conclusion of my Quick Fix synthetic urine review is its a good and reliable brand, but if you have some extra cash, go with Clear Choice urine.