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Teen Treatment Center Academics

At Teen Treatment Center, we believe academics are an essential part of your teen’s development. Every patient at our treatment facility is required to participate in our educational program. Like every other aspect of our treatment programs, the academics are gender-separate. We also offer GED/Vocational Training at Teen Treatment Center. 

The academic component is designed to help further your child’s education and make their transition back home as seamless as possible. Our goal is to not only help your teen thrive in their academics, but also to help him or her develop healthy, more positive behaviors. With one educator to every six students, teens have the opportunity to focus on their strengths and learn how to excel in their studies.

Individualized Education

Our Principal of Education coordinates the academic curriculum at Teen Treatment Center. Upon admission, each teen will complete an academic assessment to measure their ability and where improvement may be needed. Our Principal will collaborate with the teen’s parents and teachers to help create a practical action plan for academic success while in treatment. 

Academic procedures vary state to state, and we will develop your teen’s lesson plan based on their individual needs. Our small classroom setting allows your teen to receive the necessary support for their educational pursuits. In addition, our on-staff certified teachers will help your teen with their coursework. 

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To accommodate your teen’s unique needs, we offer different academic options at our facility:

Facilitation of Classwork

After speaking with your teen’s school, you may decide the best option is to bring their classwork to Teen Treatment Center. In these cases, our Principal will coordinate your child’s classwork with their school and work hand in hand with them to create an appropriate educational plan. Additionally, we will make sure your loved one’s assignments and tests are completed on time.

Virtual School

Through our online educational provider, your teen will have access to a wide variety of courses. Online classes allow your teen to work at their own pace and are taught by certified teachers. In addition to receiving assistance from the online teacher, our staff teacher will also help your teen with their coursework.

GED Courses

If your teen has dropped out of school or is not enrolled in school, they will be able to take GED classes. Our certified teachers will work with the student to determine the skills they would need in order to pass the equivalency exam, and begin teaching those subjects. Read more about our GED/Vocational Training. 

Credit Recovery

Oftentimes, troubled teens struggle with their academics and must take credit recovery courses in order to move onto the next grade level. In these situations, our Principal will work with your teen’s home school to put together an educational plan. 

If your teen’s academic situation requires a different plan of action that is not listed below, please reach out to us to learn about our additional accommodations at (844) 319-5239.

Teen Academics

Where Your Teen Can Learn

We take education very seriously at Teen Treatment Center and will go to great lengths to make sure your teen’s educational needs are met. In addition to traditional classwork, our education team works hard to make learning fun by holding events such as spelling bees and trivia bowls. At Teen Treatment Center, your teen will be able to get back on the right track academically and learn how to enjoy life again. 

For more information on our educational program, please call us at (844) 319-5239. We are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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