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The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment for Struggling Teens

Oftentimes, underlying conditions begin to manifest during teenage years. When these issues are left untreated, they can develop into more serious illnesses or addictions. We understand how difficult it can be to raise a struggling teen. Whether it be a mental health condition, behavioral disorder or substance abuse, these issues take a toll on both the teenager and their family. Parents want to do everything they can to help, but may need additional assistance. Sometimes, the best solution is to send struggling teens to an inpatient treatment facility.

When attending an out-of-state treatment facility, teens are more likely to successfully complete a treatment program. If a teen is close to home, the temptation to leave the facility can paramount the need to receive help. Being away also helps break down the barriers teens may have about discussing their struggles, and in turn creates a willingness to open up about what they are going through. Another benefit of inpatient treatment is when teens are taken out of their normal surroundings, they may feel a sense of relief from the pressure and stress they feel at home or school. Being away from peers who may be negatively influencing a teen creates an opportunity for them to realize the encouraged behavior is detrimental to their future.

Evidence-Based Treatment Programs

In the past, many teen programs were based off of a “tough love” philosophy, which can do more harm than good. While this philosophy may seem successful, it is often a reflection of the teen’s fear and will reverse after they return to their everyday life. At the Teen Treatment Center, teens and their families are treated with dignity and respect. Our goal is to get to the bottom of what is troubling the teen, and help them overcome it with healthy coping mechanisms. We base our practices off of evidence-based treatment methods that support healthy, functional living.

With over a hundred years of combined experience, the executives of The Treatment Center encountered thousands of individuals whose struggles began in their teenage years. Through recognizing the need for the proper care of adolescents, the Teen Treatment Center was created. Teens receive compassionate care from our treatment team comprised of medical doctors, psychiatrists, licensed mental health counselors, psychologists and nurses. Together, they have decades of experience in the mental health and substance abuse field.

The Teen Treatment Center offers gender-separate programs for teens aged 13-17. Families can rest assured their children will be under 24/7 supervision. With surveillance cameras and security personnel in every hallway and entryway, we make sure that patients are out of harm’s way. Treatment plans are comprised of comprehensive and effective therapies, educational support and a safe, comfortable environment for teens and their families to heal together. Each patient comes to us with a unique background and circumstances. Our customized treatment approach allows us to address the needs and goals of each teen and their family. 

Families Can Heal Together

One of the aspects that set the Teen Treatment Center apart is the focus on healing the entire family. Through comprehensive family therapy, parents are educated on their teen’s condition and address the difficulties of raising an adolescent who is struggling. By providing the entire family with the skills to work together, teens will have a more seamless transition back home and a better chance at a successful recovery.

Too often, lives spiral out of control because conditions and illnesses go untreated. When these issues are addressed early on, they can be kept from escalating and turning into more serious illnesses and addictions. At Teen Treatment Center, our entire staff is dedicated to restoring families to live happy and healthy lives.

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