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5 Reasons to Send Your Teen Daughter to Rehab

November 2, 2015

Reasons to Send Your Teenage Daughter to Rehab

If your teen daughter is struggling with substance abuse, mental health or behavioral problems, you may be wondering what the most effective treatment method is. As a parent or guardian of a teen, it can be unsettling to think you may have to send your teen daughter away for treatment. However, getting your teen out of an unhealthy environment and sending them to a facility for treatment greatly improves their chances of making long-lasting change.

While military camps, boot camps and wilderness programs may seem like a good alternative to address discipline problems, this is often a short-term solution that often worsens the desired outcome for teenage girls. Chances are your troubled teen needs more structure and discipline at a facility where they can learn and grow versus a harsh environment that does not address their underlying issues.

Getting Her the Care She Deserves 

Whether your teen daughter is struggling with a decline in mental health, behavioral problems, and/or substance use, seeking care at a reputable, accredited treatment facility is key. A facility that provides an individualized integrative treatment approach is essential to getting the positive outcomes desired. Below are five reasons to send your teen daughter to rehab:

1) Engaging Family Therapy 

A huge factor in whether teens turn their behavior around for the better is the strength of their family dynamic. Often there are feelings of hopelessness and helplessness within the family that could be driving adolescents to isolation secrecy, and unruly behavior. Traumatic events within the family, divorce, grief, moving to another town and other lifestyle adjustments often take their toll on each family member. 

Family therapy aims to address any emotional and psychological issues your teen daughter may be struggling with as well as strengthen the family dynamic. Not every rehab facility will offer family therapy, even though it is often the most crucial component to your teen’s progress. 

2) Gender-separate Treatment

A rehab facility that provides gender-specific treatment is a great option for your teen daughter. If you are concerned about sending her away to treatment and her losing focus due to a facility that also accommodates the opposite sex, a gender-separate rehab will put your worries at ease. Here, your daughter can focus on issues common with teen girls such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Self-harm/self-injury
  • Trauma

Receiving treatment in a gender-separate treatment program will allow your daughter to focus 100 percent on her recovery in a safe and secure environment with zero distractions.

3) Structure, discipline, and safety

In addition to your daughter receiving gender-separate treatment, she can receive 24-hour care under the guidance of licensed therapists, psychologists and staff in a structured, disciplined and safe environment. Security is always a top concern when dealing with adolescents and an efficient rehab facility will always have 24-hour supervision.

4) Academic support 

If you’re worried about your teen daughter missing out on her schoolwork because of her treatment, an ideal rehab facility will offer some form of life skills training and academic support. Your daughter can focus on her recovery while receiving individualized education, virtual school, facilitation of class work and GED or college prep courses. 


Not every teen rehab is created equal or offers the same types of treatment programs. You’ll definitely want to send your teen to a facility that is dedicated to following-up with her and the entire family as the early recovery process can be difficult to adjust to at first. However, with routine interaction between you, your daughter, and a therapist, you can ensure your teen stays on the right track and receives continuous care if needed.  

Making the Best Decision for Your Teen 

If you think of your teen’s problems as a medical issue, you would probably seek the best treatment method no matter how far the facility may be from your hometown. The best level of care for your daughter would be a primary concern. When it comes to choosing a rehab facility for your teen, it is no different.

At Teen Treatment Center, we are an accredited facility with board-certified staff. Our comprehensive treatment program will help your teen daughter get back on the right track, learn from her mistakes and grow to her fullest potential. 

We offer all the services above. To receive the most effective treatment for your teen girl, call us today at (844)319-5239. Our admissions counselors are always available to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.

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