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6 Ways to Enjoy Life Without Addictive Substances

July 7, 2014

6 Ways to Enjoy Life Without Addictive Substances

In the past, boredom may have been one of the reasons you turned to drugs and alcohol. Yet, there’s no limit to the activities and events you can enjoy without addictive substances. If you experience things with an open mind and a broad imagination, you don’t need drugs or alcohol to have fun.

Your life experiences are what you make it. The best way to enjoy yourself without relying on addictive substances is to get a new circle of friends who support you. You can also avoid going to places where you know drugs and alcohol will be available. 

Below is a list of six ways you can enjoy your life without addictive substances:

  1.  Engage in sports. Whether it’s a team sport like volleyball or an individual sport like swimming, sports are a great way to keep your mind focused and disciplined. Getting involved in sports can help you improve your health and your social environment.
  2.  Get a mentor. Find that one person you can lean on for advice other than your friends and family. A mentor can help you stay focused on your recovery, and encourage you to pursue goals you may not have thought were possible. 
  3.  Host/attend sober parties. If you like to dance or DJ, you still can. You can take the lead and encourage your friends and other teens to have fun while staying sober. 
  4.  Do outdoor activities. Do you enjoy hiking, camping, watersports, bike rides or skating? Engaging in outdoor activities is a great way to stay fit and enjoy activities you otherwise might not have the ability to if you were high or wasted. 
  5.  Attend cultural events. Go to an art gallery showing, a theatrical show, or volunteer at a community service event such as a 5k. These types of events can open your mind to other cultures and expand your imagination and personal growth.    
  6.  Start a new hobby. Starting a new hobby is a great way to keep your mind off addictive substances and occupy your free time. Explore different activities and discover what you enjoy doing the most… then stick to it. Here are a few ideas:

Get Creative. Play or learn new instruments. Learn a new language you’ve been dying to speak. Make fun YouTube videos with friends. Blog about how fun your life has been without drugs and alcohol.

Take classes. Sign up for classes on graphics or web design, dance, cooking, art, pottery making, or learn how to build model cars. 

Read it. Write it. Maybe you’re interested in a particular field. Peak your interest and read about it. Could you see yourself writing a script for your favorite movie genre? Read about it… then do it! Create a short video on YouTube. Your hobbies may actually turn into the career you love.

Beyond this list, there is really no limit to how much fun you can have without using addictive substances. These are just a few suggestions to help you transition to a new life without drugs and alcohol. 

Remember, you control your own experiences. Think outside the box and have fun with the people you care about the most.

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