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A Mother and Daughter's Story: Restoring Hope

September 29, 2016


These testimonials were shared by a Teen Treatment Center alumni and her Mother

“We chose Teen Treatment Center after reviewing the positive feedback on the website from other parents. One of the selling points was the gentleman who answered the phone when I called. He was young, from the same area as me, and had a lot of the same struggles as my daughter. He shared how this facility helped him change his life, and that was instrumental in helping us choose Teen Treatment Center. 

Another selling point for us was that the phone was answered each time we called with a friendly voice on the other end. The timeframe to get my daughter approved and into Teen Treatment Center was fantastic. In those situations, you don’t have time to waste, and sometimes it’s better that it happens quickly when emotions are high.  

Our family therapist was really helpful. Before my daughter came home, she shared with us with an expectation sheet that had consequences and rewards. This proved to be really beneficial because it made it about our daughter and her actions, and taught us as parents to line up the consequences or rewards with the expectations. Before, we were pretty harsh, and would ground her all of the time. Now, the consequences and rewards are realistically lined up with the expectation. 

Of course there are still struggles, but since coming home, our daughter is working hard to stay on the right path. When she takes steps backwards, she doesn’t keep going backwards, and starts going forward again. She’s gone to group therapy on her own, goes to individual therapy, and plans to start going to church on Sundays. I feel like she has the tools now to make the right choices. Even though she didn’t like one of the group sessions she attended, she said she knows that she needs to keep going. 

We are still rebuilding trust with our daughter, but I feel like at least there’s hope now, and she feels there is hope too. For a parent who is considering Teen Treatment Center, I would tell them to do it sooner rather than later. It’s not a cure-all, the tools that are developed are tools your teen can use for the rest of their life, and they’re going to have to put the effort in. I would definitely recommend it. ” –L.H. , Mother

 “My therapist was very helpful in my treatment. I felt I could tell her anything. The counselors were also helpful because they kept me on track and helped me stay focus on the important stuff. I never felt in danger. Most groups were fun and or very informational. Eddie [the resident dog] was a big help!” –F.H., Daughter

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