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A Mother's Story: From Brokenness to Breakthroughs

October 12, 2016


This testimonial was shared by a Teen Treatment Center alumni's Mother

"Life before treatment was a daily struggle. Because of my son’s addiction, we could not leave him alone with his little sister. We were afraid he would leave his little sister home alone to get high. My husband and I were close to getting a divorce, we were constantly fighting. Being around my son was like walking on eggshells, we never knew what kind of mood he was going to be in. 

My son was always angry and defensive. He had a short fuse and did not know how to control his temper. He would punch holes in his bedroom walls to release his anger. At one point he broke his hand while punching the wall. We never knew what we were going to find when going through his book bag and room. He never respected curfew. He was failing all his classes. His attitude and multiple truancies got him kicked off the football team and wrestling team. 

At first, I was in denial and depressed but I knew I had to do something. I felt like I failed as a parent but I didn’t know what else to do with him. I thought about boot camps and boarding schools, but the Teen Treatment Center seemed to make more sense to me.

When I dropped him off, the staff was very caring. They answered all our questions and concerns. They made sure I didn’t have to worry about transportation to and from the airport. They gave me a tour of the facility and by the time I left, I felt more comfortable leaving my son behind.

I was able to keep in touch with his therapist the whole time. Attending family therapy was a great way to learn how to adjust with my son being gone and coming home. Kari taught us ways to communicate with my son when he was upset. 

The staff was wonderful to my son and our family. My son built a great trust and friendship with the staff. His counselor Jonathan is awesome! The care and professionalism he showed us is more than words can express, we were truly blessed. 

Since sending my son to Teen Treatment Center, my relationship with my son is stronger than ever. We are very close; our communication between each other is great. He now feels comfortable to talk to me about anything.  

After receiving treatment, my son is a different kid. He cares and loves himself. He wants to better himself. He talks more about his future and college. He is excited about life in general. When he has a bad day, he goes to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. It makes him feel better. My son learned how to control his temper and use the exercises that were taught at Teen Treatment Center in his everyday life. It took a year but he honestly thanked me for sending him to treatment. He says it’s a great feeling not to be codependent on drugs. 

For any parent that is considering the Teen Treatment Center, I strongly encourage it. It’s a long hard journey, but you are not alone. There is so much support out there. This could save your son or daughter’s life and help strengthen your family." –L.T.

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