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A Mother's Story: From Hopeless to Hopeful

November 10, 2016


This testimonial was shared by a Teen Treatment Center alumni's Mother

"Prior to treatment, we were under constant stress having to be hyper-vigilant to try to determine where our daughter was versus where she was supposed to be. We were following up almost daily with teachers and school counselors; looking for signs of our daughter’s drug use; dealing with loud, aggressive verbal abuse and we were always ready for the next problem to occur. We were also having increasing marital problems due to our daughter’s efforts to pit us against one another. 

We suffered multiple stress-related health issues. My business as a hairstylist was impacted due to having to cancel and reschedule clients to deal with my daughter’s needs and issues. Clients were becoming intolerant of my depression, anxiety, and sometimes anger that was coming out during their visits with me.

By midyear, my daughter was failing all or most of her classes. She would get suspensions due to unexcused absences and tardiness. I was called into school twice by police; once due to theft at school, and once due to shoplifting at a convenience store. Police were also involved because of threats made online by my daughter and for questioning about other matters. She was highly volatile at home and would become enraged over any of our attempts to exercise parental authority.

Sending her to the Teen Treatment Center was both a huge relief and painful. We never doubted that it was the right thing for her. The staff at the Teen Treatment Center were very comforting and helpful. Everyone was kind, compassionate and very professional. Family therapy was helpful, but was somewhat difficult due to problems with sound. In treatment, our daughter was exhausted and was mostly cooperative, but she still managed to be loud, abusive and angry with us at times.

Today, we seem to have finally come to a point where our daughter wants to make changes and is better able to open up and talk honestly. We still have to fight our inclination to be suspicious. 

Since treatment, she has better control of her anger and impulsiveness. She has so far abstained from drug use, willingly submitted to urine tests, and seems to understand the reasons why she should stay drug free. She seems happy that we have been even more proactive in finding ways to support her efforts and is actively participating in making decisions about her aftercare. 

Overall, the staff is warm, well trained and dedicated to helping your child. The Teen Treatment Center is primarily focused on drug addiction and recovery. The intensive focus on dialectal behavioral therapy and the retreat from the constant electronic overstimulation and social pressures that today’s teens experience makes it a highly beneficial program." – L.D.

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