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A Mother's Story: From Self Doubt to Academic Success

July 27, 2016


This testimonial was shared by a Teen Treatment Center alumni's Mother.

"Throughout the admissions process everyone was very helpful and provided a lot of insight to the program. They were able to answer all of our questions, address any concerns we had and everyone was very knowledgeable. Overall, I can pretty much say that it was a pretty good experience. The staff have been wonderful. Everyone has been very hands on.

Since attending Teen Treatment Center, my son’s communication has really broadened. He lacks confidence with his academic work, but now, he is seeing that he is capable of doing well. His classes have been going really well and he was able to pass all of his courses. 

I feel our family has benefitted the most from the family therapy. Initially, our son struggled to share his wants and need with us, but now he is able to speak for himself and relay the message he is trying to get across. I’ve actually learned a lot from family therapy. It gives you a whole new look on therapy altogether. I’ve learned how to be more sensitive to my child’s feelings, and learned a lot about how the brain works. My relationship with my son is better now. He always struggled with communication but I can see that he has grown a lot. 

For parents who are thinking about sending their child to a treatment, Teen Treatment Center is highly recommended by me. I would recommend the entire experience. I love how comforting the staff was and how welcoming everyone has been. The staff took a lot of time to educate us and has just been wonderful. I don’t have any regrets at all." -A.B.

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