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A Mother’s Story: Committing to Long-term Sobriety

September 16, 2016


This testimonial was shared by a Teen Treatment Center alumni's Mother.

"We originally chose Teen Treatment Center after it was recommended to us by a friend who helped me research the facility. The second time, we decided to return because we felt my son’s familiarity with the therapist would allow him to be more comfortable and hopefully open up more. The admissions process was very simple, easy to follow which I appreciated. There was nothing hard or stressful about it. 

I feel our family has been treated very well by the staff members. My son’s therapist and family therapist have been very helpful. My son has mainly benefitted from the one-on-one counseling with his primary therapist. In addition, the family therapy has been really eye opening. It’s helped me to address the things I may do to enable my son or contribute to his behavior. I feel that now I can identify those actions and turn them around. 

Since attending Teen Treatment Center, my son seems happier. He seems to accept himself for who he is. The fact that he was willing to transition into sober living and extend his treatment for another twelve weeks was a great sign. I feel our relationship has improved because he is more open and I am able to read him better. He’s able to share his feelings which allows me to help him get to the root of the issue. 

For a parent who is considering sending their teen to treatment, I would definitely encourage it. It might be stressful at first not knowing how your teen will react, but it’s worth it." -G.M.

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