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A Mother's Story: Walking Tall Again

July 11, 2016


This testimonial was shared by a Teen Treatment Center alumni's Mother.

"When choosing a facility, I read all of the reviews about Teen Treatment Center, listened to the videos and spoke to a few people there. When I called, they were very helpful and gave me all of the information I needed. I felt it was the right place and would be able to help my daughter with her substance abuse, it had the therapy I felt she needed (DBT) and she was able to continue her high school education. It was a huge decision for us since we live in New York and wouldn’t be able to see her often. My husband said everyone was very helpful during the admissions process and he felt very comfortable leaving our daughter in their care. 

I’m very happy with how the staff treated our daughter and family. The principal was amazing; even with my daughter’s home school. She made sure everything they needed was taken care of. Our family therapist was also very helpful, and my daughter loved her primary therapist who I spoke with every week. When I picked my daughter up, she actually cried because of how nice everyone was to her. She fought it, but in the end she realized it was the right place. They made her very comfortable and the advice they gave her was great. Once she let go of her anger and fighting the process she was able to open up. Since returning home, she has downloaded new music that she listened to while at Teen Treatment Center because it makes her feel peaceful. She’s really trying to implement what she learned. 

Our family therapist was very helpful and taught us how to approach things differently. One of the big lessons was to listen to our daughter. My husband and I didn’t realize we had a tendency to cut her off and not listen to everything she had to say. Justine helped us to understand that we don’t have to agree with our daughter, but we need to listen, try to understand and validate her feelings. From what my daughter has told me, she really enjoyed the group therapy and felt as though she could be herself with the girls. She realized she’s not alone and that her Father and I just want her to do better. 

The staff really helped me to realize that I need to be patient with my daughter and not enable her in any way. Learning how not to enable her was a huge lesson for my husband as well. I would say one thing to her and he would say something else. Now, we’re doing things together and making sure we talk before speaking with our daughter. We realized what we needed to do as a family and that was the only way she was going to get better and stay better. 

For a parent who is seeking treatment and looking at Teen Treatment Center, I would tell them to definitely do it. I feel this has worked for our daughter in every way possible. Of course, there’s always a chance of relapse, but it has given her such a strong foundation. She seems to be renewed. She talks about the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills and mindfulness and understands what she needs to do. She was able to finish high school while at Teen Treatment Center, she didn’t miss any of her schooling. She learned to cope with things that bother her and now she feels stronger. She has even strengthened her spirituality. 

There was one thing I noticed about her as soon as I saw her: You know when someone looks beaten down, head down, dragging in a sense? Her walk has changed. She’s walking tall and seems more confident. Before, I could see the heaviness on her and in her. I know there’s more to be done and there are challenges ahead, but she’s received a great foundation and a new start. In the beginning, I thought they wouldn’t be able to get through to her, she’s pretty tough, but eventually she let it go. I definitely recommend Teen Treatment Center to anyone. You restore families and put them back together. I feel confident and hopeful for the future for her." -L.S. 

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