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A Father's Story: Warning Signs of Teen Substance Abuse

July 18, 2016


This testimonial was shared by a Teen Treatment Center alumni's Father.

"When making our decision, we researched several facilities across the country and called several of them. We received a recommendation from a counselor in our area for Teen Treatment Center, so that in combination with our research and conversations with Admissions, we decided it was the right place. Everything happened so quickly, so it was a bit hectic, but the folks at Teen Treatment Center did a good job at getting us in and out efficiently. We felt at ease and comfortable. 

Throughout the process, the staff treated us with respect and dignity. We valued the processes they have in place to make sure our son was safe. Being across the country, knowing he was in a safe environment at a Joint Commission accredited facility is one of the big things that sold us. We recognize that is a tough accreditation process. 

The weekly family counseling we did with Kari was excellent. She was on top of everything and really put us at ease. She was very professional and you could tell she has a lot of experience, knows how to tactfully say things, and is overall very good at what she does. 

Overall, my wife and I liked the idea of knowing he was safe and that he was very closely monitored. The facility was on top of everything and they really addressed things as quickly as possible; whether it was out of line behavior or something positive. My son was rewarded for his behavior and received patient of the week at one point. It was those little things that really stood out to us, because sometimes it’s the details that are the most important. The staff at Teen Treatment Center seemed to have all the bases covered: safety, behavior, etc. The way they went about everything was very professional and we knew he was in a very safe and caring facility. 

If I were to sit down and talk to a parent, I realize it’s a case by case issue, but in our case, we didn’t want it to get to a point where our son was a lot further gone than he was. We didn’t want him to get so bad that he had to go through detox and whatnot. I would tell a parent that if you see any warning signs or behaviors, to get it early and don’t wait until your child becomes a full-blown addict. Don’t hesitate, don’t wait, get your child the help they need, and let them know you’re doing this out of love and for their safety." -E.F.

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