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From the Desk of Our Clinical Director: Music Therapy

September 5, 2014

Angela Bustamante - Clinical Director - Teen Treatment Center

For ages, music has been a source of inspiration, motivation and relaxation. As a licensed mental health counselor and a clinical director, I have seen how music therapy has transformed patients struggling with substance abuse or dual diagnosis. After witnessing how patients were more joyful, open and expressive after music therapy, I decided to integrate it into the treatment programs at Teen Treatment Center. 

The goal of incorporating music therapy into our treatment programs is to promote healthy changes in patients cognitively, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Whether the teens are participating in a drum circle, lyric writing, hip hop dance or just listening to music, these activities help patients get in tune with themselves.

We offer patients music therapy three times a week. Twice a week patients participate in group sessions led by the non-profit organization PATH (Preserving Archiving & Teaching Hiphop) and once a week they have a group session with a music therapist. 

Music therapy provides our patients with an array of benefits. Through these therapy sessions, teens are able to reduce their stress levels, improve their self-esteem and learn team-building skills. The skills learned in music therapy can apply to their everyday lives. When teens are faced with stressful situations in the future, they can refer back to their music therapy sessions and release their feelings and emotions in a healthy manner instead of turning to drugs or other destructive behaviors.

I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact that music therapy has had on our patients. It thrills me to see our patients learn how to express themselves in such a positive way. As the Teen Treatment Center evolves, we will continue to help teens heal by utilizing innovative and conventional therapies in our programs.  

Best Wishes, 
Angela Bustamante
Clinical Director



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