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From the Desk of Our CEO: Individualized Care

April 18, 2014

From the Desk of Our CEO: Individualized Care

In each of our programs, our main priority is giving our patients the highest level of care. Over the years, our treatment programs will continue to evolve to accomplish this. However, one thing that will remain the same is our focus on individualized care. From talking with our patients, I quickly learned that each of them came to us with a different life story. It became apparent to me that in order to treat our patients to the best of our ability, we must base their treatment programs on their individual needs and goals.

At the Teen Treatment Center, we recognize that every family and teen comes to us with a unique background and set of circumstances.  All of this must be taken into account when treating someone for a mental illness, behavioral disorder or substance abuse. Before we develop a treatment plan, teens are evaluated by our Child Psychologist and receive a Biopsychsocial Assessment. This series of tests allows us to determine the teen’s cognitive level, educational level and social emotional level. Once our team is able to better understand the teen, they begin developing a unique treatment plan that will best fit them.

Throughout the entire process, our focus continues to be on healing the entire family. Our individualized approach is carried throughout each stage of treatment, including family therapy and aftercare. In order for a teen’s transition back home to be successful, we take time to educate parents on their teen’s condition and how to help them once they leave our facility. Without family involvement, prolonged recovery for teens is difficult and unlikely.

At the Teen Treatment Center, we want families to know that their teens will be cared for by professionals who value the importance of their individual background, needs and goals. Using evidence-based treatment methods, parents can expect their teens to receive the proper care for their condition. We strive to provide hope and balance to families and teens as they heal together.

Best Wishes,
Bill Russell, CEO 

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