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From the Desk of Our CEO: Teen Treatment Center Grand Opening

February 24, 2014

From the Desk of the CEO

During my years in the mental health and substance abuse treatment field, I have encountered thousands of individuals whose struggles began in their teenage years. Through recognizing a need for the proper care of adolescents, the Teen Treatment Center was created. We will be providing treatment for teens aged 14-17 who are struggling with mental health issues, behavioral disorders and substance abuse. Our team of professionals are dedicated to restoring your family and helping your teen live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

One of the aspects that sets the Teen Treatment Center apart is our focus on healing your entire family. Through comprehensive family therapy, we are able to educate parents on their child’s condition and address the difficulties of raising a teen who is struggling. Parents are also taught healthy communication skills and how to identify and resolve conflicts once their teen is home. By providing your entire family with the skills to work together, your teen will have a more seamless transition back home and a better chance at a successful recovery.

With the Grand Opening of the Teen Treatment Center, we are looking forward to taking another step towards serving our community as best we can. Together, our experienced staff is prepared to heal your family from the destruction these conditions cause. At the Teen Treatment Center, there is hope for your teen and family.

Best wishes,

Bill Russell, CEO

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