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From the Desk of Our Executive Director: Making a Difference

January 26, 2015

From Our Executive Director: Making a Difference

Many parents throughout the country lie awake at night wondering what to do about their children’s substance abuse problem or mental disorder. A million things run through their mind, “What is the best type of treatment for my child? Can they receive help without falling behind in school?”

Often, the lack of resources for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders leaves them in despair. While it breaks my heart to see these parents distraught, I am grateful that we have the opportunity to help them and their teens through a trying time.

My team and I have decided to take on the task of restoring these families. Restoring the family takes a village, in our case, our entire team. From our clinical therapists to our safety and security team and everyone in between, we have such a vibrant staff that is passionate about and dedicated to work with teens every day.

Throughout our 45-day program, we are able to address any underlying issues that may be contributing to the teen’s disorder. During this time, we also see the triumphs and the breakthroughs that teens have in individual, group and family therapy and the classroom. 

Witnessing teens and their families leave our facility with restored hope and faith, reminds us of why we work in this industry. It also makes us appreciate our impact on the future of tomorrow. 

Our sense of pride doesn’t end when the teens leave; we are excited to hear about their progress long after they finish the program. We know that when our patients leave residential treatment, they are facing a difficult path. However, when we hear that families are maintaining boundaries and using the skills and tools we have introduced them to, it is so heart filling.

The results we’ve seen at Teen Treatment Center motivates me to continue making a difference in the lives of teens and their families.

Best Wishes,
Angela Bustamante
Executive Director

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