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From the Desk of Our Clinical Director: Restoring the Family Unit

May 22, 2014

Angela Bustamante - Clinical Director - Teen Treatment Center

Angela Bustamante is the clinical director of the Teen Treatment Center. As the former clinical director of The Healing Center, Angela continues to be a valued leader of our staff. Angela’s professionalism, bright personality and passion shine through her work with our patients and their loved ones.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is being able to witness the triumphs and breakthroughs our patients and their families have during treatment. With the care of the primary therapist, family therapist and all supporting staff, patients and their families are able to make incredible progress. By the end of the teen’s stay, parents are able to look forward to the return home of their child. At the Teen Treatment Center, our entire staff is dedicated to restoring the family system.

While teens are under our care, we reintroduce them to healthy daily activities. We’ve had major triumphs reintroducing them to schooling, physical activities and social activities. We’ve also witnessed breakthroughs where patients began enhancing connections and bonds with peers, as well as regaining inner spiritual direction. Through these activities, teens are able to build their character strength and regain a sense of balance. Our goal is to provide teens with effective ways for dealing with stressful situations and past experiences without returning to addictive substances.

Throughout the treatment process, we continually work with parents and family members to educate them and create a healthy environment for after treatment. We have witnessed breakthroughs where families came to recognize and understand abuse verse addiction, the contributing factors that led to dysregulation in the family system, and improved communication within the family system. Our families have been incredibly participatory and supportive of the challenges and progress their children have faced and made during therapy.

We want our patients to know that despite the obstacles and challenges they have faced, they can achieve success and live a life worth living if they continue to believe in themselves. We want our families to know that if they continue to model positive support, love and continue to believe in their family, they too can experience the gifts of healing and peace.

Best Wishes,
Angela Bustamante
Clinical Director

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