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From the Desk of Our Clinical Director: Success at Teen Treatment Center

June 20, 2014

Angela Bustamante - Clinical Director - Teen Treatment Center

At the Teen Treatment Center, our entire staff is devoted to guiding the success of our patients and their families. Meeting the patients and families on day one and being part of their graduation during their last week of treatment is an amazing and emotional journey. These pioneers, along with our dedicated staff, have helped create an environment of laughter, safety, honesty and support.

Our graduations have been incredibly emotional for all the staff and patients. Graduation promotes reflection on their journey with us, from day one until their graduation day. Some of the teens have created songs, poems and letters for the graduates that expressed the bonds they created through treatment. Our graduates have expressed their gratitude through an emotional good-bye and willingness to stay connected to the place that restored themselves and their families. To witness the growth of patients who come in guarded, shy and angry transform into teens with gratitude, humility and patience has been a gift to see.

Each team member at Teen Treatment Center works extremely close to reinforce a united front for each patient. We meet several times a week for interdisciplinary meetings to review the current challenges and progress for each patient. We seek supervision, feedback and suggestions from each other to enhance the effectiveness we can provide to each patient and their family members. All staff members play a role in the healing process for each patient and family. We treat our patients and their families with dignity and respect as if they were our own.

I have been truly touched watching each of them grow and develop during their time at the Teen Treatment Center. Our team is dedicated to providing the best service we can to restore families. We are excited to witness to these success stories and are looking forward to reaching many more families along the way.

Best Wishes,
Angela Bustamante
Clinical Director

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