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From the Desk of Our Clinical Director: The Holiday Season

December 19, 2014


Less than a year ago, we developed the Teen Treatment Center from scratch. The amount of progress that the program has made is nothing short of amazing.  

One of the most important things I’ve learned in the past year is that we can truly restore the family unit. Consistently, I’ve heard from parents that they didn’t realize or know that help is available for their teens or themselves. We’ve seen teens and their family members come to our facility in such despair because there is a lack of services and support for adolescents suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders

We have also seen how these issues are compounded during the holiday season. With all of the parties, the time off from school and the weather changes, these events can exacerbate any substance use or mental health disorder. 

I want parents to know that it is never too late to seek help for your teenager, and that the holidays are just as good of a time as any to seek counseling for your loved one

At Teen Treatment Center, our door is always open and we are available to take your teen in during the holiday time. Here, your teen can begin healing in a warm, safe and loving environment and learn that there is life after treatment. 

We understand that it’s tough to be away from your teen during the holidays. However, if the old adage is true, that “it is better to give then to receive”, then why not give your child the chance to receive the highest level of care?  

Best Wishes,
Angela Bustamante
Clinical Director

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