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How Our Court Liaison Program Benefits Your Teen

August 10, 2015


Teens often come to us with legal issues. Parents are usually worried that their court case will prevent their teen from receiving substance abuse treatment; however, at Teen Treatment Center, our Court Liaison Program helps ease the stress for both teens and parents.

Our court liaison communicates to the courts that it’s more beneficial for teens to receive treatment instead of incarceration. Our goal is to alleviate you and your teen from the hassle of dealing with court cases while they receive effective substance abuse treatment.

Goals of the Program

Once your teen arrives at our residential treatment facility, you will meet our Court Liaison, Cassandra Louis. She facilitates communication between your teen and judges, law enforcement, probation officers and attorneys who recommend court-ordered diversion programs and civil drug court. 

Cassandra assists teens and parents during the admissions process to discuss all court-ordered requirements. She also ensures that your teen receives the proper documents necessary to receive a certificate of completion, which often leads to a court case dismissal.  

Most drug treatment centers don’t offer legal assistance, which is why Cassandra is so passionate about her work with teens and parents. She believes the Court Liaison Program gives teens a chance to get the proper treatment and turn their life around without having to face incarceration. 

Court Liaison Services

Our court liaison team facilitates communication with legal parties in all 50 states. With the Court Liaison Program, your teen can receive some of the following services:

  • Video court proceedings
  • Transportation to local court appearances
  • Nationwide public defender referrals
  • Nationwide attorney referrals
  • Assistance with public defender applications 
  • Complete treatment documentations 
  • Ongoing progress reports
  • Communication with judges, probation officers, case workers and attorneys

To learn more about the benefits of our Court Liaison Program, watch this video to discover how our program can help your teen get back on the right track.

If you’re seeking effective addiction treatment for your teen and you’d like to discuss their options with the Court Liaison Program, chat with one of our admissions counselors or call (844)319-5239 to receive help today. 

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