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Sending Your Teen to Treatment During the Holidays

December 21, 2015

A Letter from our Family Therapist

Dear Parent,

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are making the tough, emotional decision to send your teen to treatment. Your decision isn’t made any easier knowing you will be without your son or daughter through the holidays. This can cause you to question if now is really the right time. What will it be like without them during this time, for potentially the first time in your lives? The thought can be unbearable.

Think again about what you have witnessed happening with your teen that prompted you to find the Teen Treatment Center. Academic decline, behavior issues at school and in your home, changes in mood, sleep and focus, escalating conflict between your teen and family members, and potential legal issues. Think of the times you wait while your teen is out doing what you know is high risk and dangerous, waiting for the phone call every parent hopes they never receive. Think about the drastic changes you have had to make to try to keep your child safe from themselves, the chaos and conflict. If you continue to wait, even for the holidays to pass, you add to and keep your family stuck in hostage to “the problem”. Waiting could become too late. 

Consider this: can you give up one set of holidays now in order to gain many more with your teen down the road? Can you give up time with your teen in order for them to gain a life worth living? Getting your teen the help they need and deserve will put a stop to the dangerous and life-threatening behaviors that will continue to cause more issues if left untreated. 

Parents often express concern that, “my child will hold an eternal grudge or resentment against me if I do this right now.” Remember times in your past when a decision was made that you disliked, but eventually turned out to be helpful to you? Emotions are temporary, and you move past that anger and resentment. Your teen will learn to do the same while in treatment. 

The Family Program at the Teen Treatment Center will offer you support during this decision and throughout your teen’s treatment through our Family Support Groups, Family Workshop, weekly family therapy sessions and your ongoing connection with your family therapist. The professional, loving and caring staff at the center will do everything possible to support your teen in treatment, as well as celebrate the holidays in special ways. You can also speak with your teen on the special day you celebrate, and you may schedule a brief visit with your teen through the availability of their primary therapist. 

Our admissions counselors look forward to speaking with you to guide you through this decision. The family therapists are ready and willing to give care, support, comfort and address your concerns. Make the call, and together let’s restore your family.

Happy Holidays to you,
Kari Bouldin, M.A., LMFT
Lead Family Therapist

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