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Substance Abuse vs. Dependence

March 3, 2014

Substance Abuse vs. Dependence

While there are different extremes of substance use, the use of alcohol or drugs during teenage years is nothing to ignore. Occasional use during adolescent years can quickly turn into substance abuse or dependence. Sometimes, those who use drugs or alcohol may only do it once out of curiosity and experimentation. This use can result in no serious physical or emotional consequences, and it doesn’t occur again. However, teens who use drugs or alcohol are more likely to use them in the future, and this use can become detrimental.

If your teen’s use of drugs or alcohol has become frequent and is interfering with major aspects of their life, they may be experiencing substance abuse. At this point, you may notice that their abuse is causing problems with family members, they refuse to attend school and related legal problems may occur. Oftentimes, drug and alcohol abuse will continue despite social and interpersonal problems. However, at this stage, they still have the chance to stop the substance abuse without physical and emotional withdrawal.

When substance abuse elevates to dependency, they no longer have any control over whether or not they should use drugs or alcohol. At this point, the individual feels that they need to use these substances in order to feel normal. Their intake has heightened in order to feel the same high, and their body goes through withdrawal if they try to stop. If your teen has reached the point of dependency on drugs or alcohol, their cravings for these substances overrule any desire to quit. Despite the severe emotional, physical and social consequences that occur, not using no longer feels like an option.

If you have noticed any of the above symptoms of substance abuse or dependency in your teen, you are not alone. At the Teen Treatment Center, our medical staff is experienced in treating the complexity of teen substance abuse and dependence. We offer supervised detoxifications for individuals who are dependent on drugs or alcohol as well as substance abuse treatment. We are here to help and guide your teen back to a life without the use of addictive substances.

For more information about our substance abuse treatment options for teens, contact us today. We also offer treatment for those 18 or older at The Treatment Center. You may contact them at: (844) 319-5239..

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