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Teen Treatment Center Video: Family Therapist

May 26, 2014

At Teen Treatment Center, we are dedicated to restoring the entire family to live happy, healthy lives. In order for treatment to be successful, it is crucial that families take part in the treatment process. In this video, our Lead Family Therapist, Kari Bouldin, discusses the change that happens within the patients and their families as hope begins to be restored.

Kari explains,

“I’d like for parents to know that they have a multi-disciplinary team attending to their teen while they’re with us for their stay. They’re getting attention from the best of the best, but they’re also getting a lot of attention and care from people who are also parents.”

To hear more from Kari, view this video:

Whenever a teenager is struggling with substance abuse, mental health or behavioral issues, it causes a ripple effect throughout the entire family. As a result, the dynamics in the family change, often leading to turmoil. Due to the interconnected relationships within the family, it is crucial for the family to be involved in the teen’s treatment. 

Many of our parents have expressed a great deal of gratitude for how our family therapy program has helped to restore their family: 

"The weekly family counseling we did with Kari was excellent. She was on top of everything and really put us at ease. She was very professional and you could tell she has a lot of experience, knows how to tactfully say things, and is overall very good at what she does." -E.F.

"I feel our family has benefitted the most from the family therapy. Initially, our son struggled to share his wants and need with us, but now he is able to speak for himself and relay the message he is trying to get across. I’ve actually learned a lot from family therapy. It gives you a whole new look on therapy altogether. I’ve learned how to be more sensitive to my child’s feelings, and learned a lot about how the brain works. My relationship with my son is better now. He always struggled with communication, but I can see that he has grown a lot." -A.B.

Click here to learn more about our family therapy program and how we can help get your son or daughter back on the right track. 

If you or someone you know has a teen struggling with substance abuse, a behavioral condition or mental illness, please contact us. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have. Our direct number is: (844) 319-5239..

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