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What to Look for in a Teen Rehab Facility

July 17, 2014

Teen Rehab Facility

If you’re a concerned parent or loved one, you may be wondering which teen rehab facility is best for your teen. However, there are several key concerns and factors to consider in order to choose the right facility.

It’s important to choose a teen rehab facility that provides evidence-based treatment in a safe and secure environment. Below is a list of what to look for in an effective teen rehab facility:

1. Is the rehab facility accredited? 

There are many facilities operating without the proper accreditation. This has lead to mistreatment in some facilities all over the country. However, accredited facilities are regulated by the state to ensure that treatment is safe and complies with specific guidelines. 

Statewide and national accreditation is obtained from reputable organizations such as: The Department of Children and Families, the Joint Commission, the National Committee for Quality Assurance, the All-States, and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

2. Is treatment provided by experienced and board-certified staff?

There is a primary concern that some facilities are run by non-licensed or inexperienced staff which can cause more harm than good. Since medication may be needed during detox, treatment should always be administered by board-certified staff with several years of combined experience. In addition, all behavioral therapies should be conducted by licensed therapists. 

3. Do they give an initial assessment? 

A proper assessment helps medical staff and therapist determine the right course of treatment for your teen. The assessment also helps therapists create a tailored treatment plan based on any existing behavioral problems or co-occurring mental illnesses. There should be a concentrated effort to provide the most effective treatment plan.

4. Does the facility provide evidence-based, individualized treatment?

All therapies and services should be research based. Always ask for a detailed explanation of what therapies and services the facility offers and what their purpose serves. An accredited facility will offer a variety of services to treat each individual based on their specific needs and background. Individualized treatment will help address any underlying psychological, emotional, and physical needs that may be contributing to your teen’s drug abuse. 

5. Does the facility offer a variety of programs and services?

An accredited treatment facility will offer several programs and services. This includes but is not limited to individual and group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT), family therapy, gender-separate therapy, and recreational therapy. Most therapies work in combination with each other to provide better alternatives and incentives for improving problem solving, interpersonal relationships, and healthy activities. 

6. Is the duration of the treatment program long enough?

Your teen’s treatment program depends on the extent of their drug and alcohol abuse. Detox typically lasts a few days; however, the length of detox may vary depending on the individual’s circumstance. 

The overall residential treatment usually lasts 35 days and typically doesn’t extend for longer than 90 days. Any treatment shorter than 30 days is often ineffective because there isn’t enough time to identify and treat all the underlying issues contributing to substance abuse. 

7. Do they follow-up after treatment?

Aftercare is just as important as receiving the treatment itself. Aftercare services such as learning new healthy activities, budgeting, time management, planning, anger management, and spiritual healing can help your teen thrive in recovery. Also, be sure that the facility has a way of reaching out to you and your teen long after treatment. Updates and check-ins are a great way to help your teen maintain their recovery. 

The questions above should help you determine which facility is best for your teen. If your teen will be safe, secure and will receive the best care by highly experienced staff, then don’t wait to get them the help they deserve. 

Are you ready to send your child to an accredited teen rehab facility? Call our Teen Treatment Center today at (844) 319-5239. Our admissions counselor can answer any questions you may have 24/7. 

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