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Christian Youth Rehab Center

Parents in search of an accredited, nationally recognized Christian youth rehab center can find hope and healing at our facility. Our mission is to help teens experience true freedom and abundant life without drugs and alcohol. The team at Teen Treatment Center is dedicated to helping adolescents get back on the right path spiritually, emotionally and physically. 

Our Christ-centered treatment team is made up of pastors, therapists, counselors and other caring professionals who are committed to restoring your family. Throughout the years, they have effectively treated patients that abused the following substances:

  • Marijuana
  • Alcohol
  • Prescription opiates ( e.g. oxycodone, Vicodin)
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Prescription stimulants (e.g. Adderall, Ritalin)
  • Benzos (e.g. Valium, Xanax)
  • And more

Regardless of the substance your child is abusing, we can help. We are passionate about providing a clinically sound and Biblically-based treatment program that ministers to the whole person – mind, body and spirit. 

To learn more about how our Christian youth rehab center can help your teen and your family, contact one of our admissions counselors today at (844) 319-5239. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Personalized Treatment Plans

At our Christian youth rehab, your child will receive the highest level of care with 24-hour supervision in a safe and comfortable environment. Our treatment programs range in length from 45 to 60 days; the length of the teen’s stay will be dependent upon our clinical team’s recommendation and their progress.

To help teenagers transform their lives for the better and strengthen their relationship with God, we incorporate the following therapies and services into their personalized treatment plans:

  • Detoxification (if necessary)
  • Pastoral counseling
  • Christ-centered individual and group therapy
  • Academic support 
  • Christian family therapy
  • Prayer and worship services
  • Life skills training
  • Recreational activities

All of our treatment programs are gender-separate which means that your child will not have contact with patients of the opposite sex. By keeping the sexes separate, it will allow your teen to focus on their recovery.

For additional information about our Christian youth rehab, call us now at (844) 319-5239. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Restore Your Family Today

We realize that your teen’s condition may leave you feeling hopeless about their future and the overall function of your family. There is hope. After re-establishing your child’s relationship with God, they will be given the tools to help them continue to grow spiritually and overcome their substance abuse issues. 

In addition, our Christian family therapists are dedicated to working with you and your teen throughout the treatment process. Family involvement increases your teen’s chances at recovery, and that is why we expect all of our patients and their loved ones to participate in the program.

Take the first step to restore your family by calling our Christian youth rehab center today: (844) 319-5239. You can reach us 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and begin the admissions process.

Teen Treatment Center has been awarded
the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.