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Counseling for Teens: Individual Therapy

At Teen Treatment Center, our treatment programs are designed to help your teen overcome their behavioral problems while treating any underlying issues that may be contributing to their substance abuse and/or decline in mental health. We recognize that no two patients are alike, and we will tailor your teenager’s treatment plan to their specific needs. 

Our individualized treatment approach allows us to treat the physical, psychological and emotional needs of each patient. Your teen’s primary therapist will play a vital role in their healing process and will coordinate with other departments to develop their treatment plan. Together, our treatment team has decades of experience providing treatment for troubled teens and is dedicated to restoring your family.

If your teen is struggling with substance abuse alone or with a co-occurring mental health or behavioral condition, contact Teen Treatment Center today at (844) 319-5239. Our dedicated admissions counselors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.Individual Therapy Addressing Infographic

Evidence-Based Treatment Methods

By the time your teen arrives at our facility, he or she will already have a designated primary therapist. Individual therapy is conducted several times throughout the week our licensed clinicians and Registered Interns. In addition, Student Interns (Clinical Interns) will also meet with patients to assess and provide further support throughout the week. 

Individual therapy focuses on assessing and treating the patient’s underlying issues by using evidence-based methods such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other therapeutic modalities. The individual therapist are the patient’s #1 advocate and work to build a strong rapport allowing for openness and trust to discuss difficult topics within a safe environment.  The individual therapist may also confront the patient on therapy interfering behaviors from a direct and compassionate approach. 

Topics discussed in individual therapy include but are not limited to: 

During individual therapy, skills are taught to help improve interpersonal issues, stressful situations and help regulate emotions. The individual therapist may also join family sessions to coach the patient in using their skills. 

The individual therapist collaboratively works with all departments and uses an integrative approach to help ensure we are treating the whole patient. While at our facility, your teen will receive top-notch care from our child psychiatrist, psychologists, licensed counselors and more.

Restore Your Teen Today

Dealing with the behaviors of a troubled teen affects the entire family. You are not alone in this battle. Many parents have reached out to the Teen Treatment Center to have their hope restored. Our counseling for teens and treatment services can help them to live happier, healthier lives.

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