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Piper the Pup

Assistant Director of Pet Therapy

Piper the Pup is thrilled to be part of the Teen Treatment Center family. As the Assistant Director of Pet Therapy, Piper is thoroughly enjoying her time as the resident pup. There has been an obvious boost in morale since Piper's arrival, so much so that his fellow staff members even let it slide when she is caught sleeping on the clock (for now).

Pet therapy, also known as animal-assisted therapy, is a growing field that most often utilizes dogs, cats or horses. Having these animals around has proven to help individuals recover from a variety of conditions. Piper has earned her certification in pet therapy around the time of her first birthday, and has high hopes of becoming the official Director of Pet Therapy. In the meantime, Piper takes pride in adding a sense of comfort and enjoyment at Teen Treatment Center. 

Piper understands that life is rough and the patients at Teen Treatment Center can’t simply wag their problems away. He has already begun helping our teens increase their verbal communication, develop their social skills and take on extra responsibility during their stay. 

Piper's favorite part of her work day is undoubtedly having play time with the teens and helping them remember what it means to act like kids again. Having Piper around creates a fun, light-hearted atmosphere where teens are able to be in the moment and simply enjoy themselves. Piper looks forward to continuing to make an impact on our patients during their stay with us and earning the official title of Director of Pet Therapy. 

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