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How long will my child be in treatment?

The duration of your child’s treatment program will depend largely on their individual needs. After your child has been assessed by the staff, we will determine the length of their treatment program.  Our phase system is set up to allow patients to work through their issues gradually and not rush the treatment process, which may extend. 


Is the Teen Treatment Center safe?

Your teen’s safety is our top priority. To ensure that your child is safe, we have cameras and alarms installed throughout the facility. Security personnel are stationed at the doors and exit ways to monitor who is leaving and entering the treatment center 24/7.

The security staff is trained in verbal de-escalation; we do not use restraints at our facility. Watch this message from our Director of Safety & Security to learn more:




Who will my teen be receiving treatment from?

Your teenager will be under the care of licensed and experienced medical professionals. Our treatment team is made up of medical doctors, psychologists, child psychiatrists, family therapists, licensed counselors and nurses. Every adolescent at the Teen Treatment Center will be assigned their own primary therapist. Learn more about Finding the Best Teen Treatment. 


Is the Teen Treatment Center accredited?

Yes. We are accredited by the Joint Commission, an independent, not-for-profit organization that accredits over 20,000 healthcare organizations in the United States.


Do you run a background check on your employees?

Yes, we conduct an extensive background check on all of our employees. The employees also go through a thorough interview process and drug test.


Will my teen be able to continue their education at the Teen Treatment Center?

Yes. We do not want your teen to fall behind in their studies. We realize that academic procedures vary from state to state; our staff will assess your teen’s current academic situation and coordinate their coursework with their home school. If you would like to learn more about academics and our GED and Vocational Training at Teen Treatment Center here is a message from our Principal:


Will my teen interact with patients of the opposite sex?

No. The treatment programs at our facility are all gender-separate. Your teenager will not have contact with patients of the opposite sex during the program; this includes mealtime, group therapy or recreational activities. By having gender-separate programs, patients are able to focus on their recovery without any distractions. See our blog on reasons to choose a Gender-specific Rehab.


What are the credentials of the clinical staff?

Our treatment team includes psychiatrists, psychologists and licensed counselors. All of the therapists either have master’s degrees, doctoral degrees or are Masters-level students. Our family therapist is licensed in marriage and family counseling. The clinical team has experience with family therapy, substance abuse treatment and dual diagnosis.

For additional information about our clinical team, please visit the Staff page.


Will I be able to communicate with my teen while he/she is in treatment?

Yes. Your teen will be able to make supervised phone calls home. Additionally, you will be able to speak with your loved one during your weekly family therapy sessions.


Will the staff update me on my teen’s progress?

Yes, you will receive updates on your teen’s progress during the family therapy sessions. If the therapist needs to speak with you before the family therapy session, they will contact you. Family involvement is a crucial aspect of our treatment programs. Learn more about Teen Treatment Family Therapy.


Is the information that I share with the staff and therapists confidential?

Any information that you share with us is confidential. We strictly follow HIPAA guidelines.


Will my teen receive medication while in treatment?

Your teen should bring any medication that he/she is currently prescribed. Once your teen arrives at the facility, they will be assessed by our medical and clinical staff. Every patient is treated on an individual basis. If your loved one needs medication, we will prescribe accordingly. Learn more about subtance abuse treatment here. 


What happens after treatment?

Our family therapist and program coordinator will develop an aftercare plan to address your teen’s and the family’s needs. The aftercare plan will help them successfully transition back to their everyday lives.

Teen Treatment Center has been awarded
the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.