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How to Find The Best Teen Treatment

Parenting a teen takes a heroic amount of patience, love, and support as the trials of adolescence take over. This is especially true when your teen seems to be pushing the limits further and more intensely than his peers, doing things like breaking curfew, sneaking out, and abusing drugs and alcohol. Some experimentation is natural and, to a point, expected among teens, but the warning signs of drug addiction can be hard for any parent to face.

If you're noticing signs of abuse or addiction in your teen, it's only natural to feel confused, frustrated, or upset. Many parents aren't prepared for the possibility of substance dependency, and finding the right course of action can mean accepting some unpleasant truths and challenging realities that are outside of any prior parenting experience.

Deciding how to handle your teenager in a time of need can be extremely difficult, especially if that means involving a third party treatment center. However, if your teen truly has a substance addiction, immediate attention is needed. With help from Teen Treatment Center, you can give your child the help he deserves.

Why Treatment Matters

Best Treatment Available for TeensWhen substance dependency is a serious problem in your household, choosing the best addiction treatment is critical to success.

Despite assumptions that treatment can be undertaken at home, a rehab facility is the best possible resource to help your child get clean and stay clean. True drug rehabilitation melds a comfortable and secure environment with scientifically proven tactics to break addiction, treat withdrawal, address cravings, and identify root causes for addiction: in short, everything your child will need to recover.

As addiction treatment is an ongoing process, you will need help from a professional to prepare a strong foundation for current assistance and future support. From alumni opportunities to twelve-step programs, time in rehab can teach best practices for long-term health and wellness. In fact, with help from rehab, over 60% of patients remain remitted over 3 years after treatment, assisting those with a wide range of issues to confront causes of use, overcome physical dependency, and learn how to cope with stressors without using drugs and alcohol.

The Perils of Untreated Addiction

Like many chronic diseases, addiction cannot go away on its own. Your teen will not recovery without assistance, and a lack of response now can mean big problems later as your child draws closer to adulthood.

Addictions that start early in life are far more dangerous than addictions with later starts. Due to the importance of the adolescent period, untreated drug abuse as a teenager can have lasting impacts on your child's development.

Drug addiction in teens is strongly correlated to social dysfunction; when your teen is unable to interact properly with peers, respond to stress, or handle complex life situations, it becomes much harder to hold a job and maintain relationships. Furthermore, drug use as a minor is likely to lead to legal problems, creating a criminal record for your child that can stick with him forever.

Teen drug and alcohol abuse can also cause permanent health problems, including brain, heart, liver, and kidney damage. Continued use of some drugs, like psychedelics, are linked to the onset of mental illnesses like schizophrenia as well.

Treatment Possibilities

images-best-teen-treatment.jpgTeen treatment comes in a few different forms, offering you numerous options to consider when choosing the right course of action for your teen.


Detoxification is a period of time in which your teen is cut off from access to substances and treated for his addiction. This process generally includes medical intervention, both to control withdrawal symptoms and to ensure comfort and safety while breaking a physical or mental dependency. Detox is often the first step in a treatment program, providing a basis for getting clean.

Inpatient Rehab

An inpatient treatment program generally follows detox. This treatment option is entirely residential, providing a way for medical professionals and trained counselors to keep tabs on your teen at all times. During time spent in an inpatient program, your teen will attend group and individual therapy sessions, classroom courses, and even extracurricular courses like GED classes and vocational studies.

Outpatient Rehab

Used as a standalone course of treatment or as a follow up to time in inpatient care, an outpatient rehab is a step down in intensity from an inpatient program. In this setup, teens will attend counseling and twelve step meetings while living at home and reintegrating into daily life. Detox is occasionally offered in an outpatient setting, but this is most common for drugs with an extremely long withdrawal period, like some forms of benzos.

How Rehab Makes a Difference

Rehab uses many different treatment approaches to find the right opportunities for your child. A top rehab center will combine resources to help teens address everything from substance abuse to anger management, offering customized treatment tracts designed to target both the surface-level symptoms of addiction as well as the root causes behind drug use.

The best alcohol rehab or drug rehab can offer extensive options to your child, including:

While not all programs will be right for all teens, be sure to ask about available opportunities when evaluating different treatment centers.

Finding the Best Treatment for Teens

Choosing the Right Treatment Centers

Recovery centers come in many different shapes and sizes, and not all will be right for your teen. When you are considering treatment centers, be sure to tour each facility, meet with leadership, and talk to as many staff members as possible.

Legitimate facilities will be transparent about licensing and accreditation. Medical doctors with board certifications will be on staff, and only safe, approved treatment plans will be in use. Appropriate centers will be willing to provide full tours, including access to patient rooms, common areas, dining facilities, therapy centers, and more. A reputable facility will also offer ample aftercare opportunities, providing ways for your teen to stay involved long after initial treatment is done.

Not all rehab facilities are legitimate, unfortunately. Some centers are essentially scams that cannot provide true assistance, so before you choose a destination, look for these red flags:

  • A bad reputation among local hospitals and medical personnel
  • A lack of rules for patients to follow that can ensure safety and security
  • Inadequate staff members
  • Dirty patient rooms, hallways, exam rooms, or other features
  • Expired licenses or certifications
  • An unwillingness to answer questions
  • Use of unauthorized treatments or treatments without physician oversight

Questions to Ask

When vetting teen rehab centers, it's important to remember that no two programs are exactly the same. While some will offer similar opportunities, there will be differences you should note. These questions can help you narrow down your options and make the right choices for you.

  • How soon can treatment begin? Note that some programs have waiting lists, and it can be weeks or even months before a bed opens up.
  • What makes your facility stand apart?
  • What costs are involved with your treatments, and is insurance accepted?
  • What kinds of treatments do you offer?
  • What kinds of professionals are on staff?
  • What medical practices do you use to help teens detox?
  • How long is a standard course of treatment?
  • Am I permitted to visit?
  • What is the patient to staff member ratio?
  • How do you determine your treatment methods?
  • What post-treatment support is available?

Do not be afraid to ask any questions of the staff members you speak with. A legitimate facility will be happy to provide as much information as you would like. See our FAQ for more common questions about treatment

How Teen Treatment Center Can Help

If you are looking for a safe, secure opportunity for your teen, no one can make a difference like Teen Treatment Center. As a licensed, certified rehab center with a highly trained medical staff and comprehensive program offerings, we can help your child find the best course of care for his needs. Our gender separate inpatient facility is designed to facilitate healthy detox and recovery, no matter what challenges your teen is facing.

Please call us today at (844)319-5239 to talk to a member of our intake team. All consultations are fully confidential and we are available to speak with you 24-hours a day. 


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