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GED Preparation and Vocational Training

Substance use and abuse is extremely common among adolescents. In fact, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse has gone so far as to characterize this behavior as an epidemic.

For some teens, using drugs is simple experimentation, a way to break free from parental guidelines and repressive rules. These teens tend to make occasional use of substances like marijuana, cigarettes, and alcohol. This behavior may seem innocent and, for some teens, it is. However, for others, it's a dangerous habit that can take even otherwise obedient, responsible youths and threaten their well-being, especially with the use of drugs like heroin on the rise.

Stress in Classroom

Teen drug use can create numerous issues, both for teens as well as their families and friend groups. When use becomes a daily habit, it can replace many favorite activities, like athletics, academic organizations, and hobbies. In addition, it can also slow the normal development of adaptive coping and social skills, putting teens at a disadvantage as compared to their peers. This can affect future academic performance, graduation rates, and college placement abilities, preventing young adults from living up to their full potential.

If you believe drug addiction is affecting your child's chance at a bright future, the time to act is now. Contact Teen Treatment Center at (844) 319-5239 today to learn more about what our programs are able to do for your child.

Addiction and Its Consequences

Despite the challenges associated with drug use and abuse, many teens experiment to one degree or another throughout their high school years. Current data indicates that roughly one quarter of young adults try drugs, with over 50% using alcohol and nearly 35% trying marijuana. While this use may seem inconsequential – and for some teens, it may be – it can be extremely problematic more often than not.

Substance use and abuse can have a great impact on emotional development, leading to dysfunction as teens move into adulthood and work toward higher education and employment. In fact, the negative ramifications of drug use can make it harder to develop relationships, maintain employment, and achieve success in the working world.

Furthermore, academic failures in high school can be directly linked to drug and alcohol abuse. Teens who use substances regularly are nearly twice as likely to perform poorly in school, receiving Ds and Fs rather than As and Bs. This can be extremely problematic, making it harder for these students to graduate and go on to seek gainful employment.

The GED/Vocational Track at Teen Treatment Center

At Teen Treatment Center, we want to see students succeed, no matter what kind of approach that may take. While many teens do well in a traditional classroom setting, others may not, and that's okay. Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach to academic assistance, we are willing to work with your child to find his or her perfect fit.

The GED/Vocational Track at Teen Treatment Center is designed for teens age 13 through 17 who do not necessarily learn best in a traditional setting or who require a more active format. This program helps teens to receive a GED, or General Education Diploma, as well as to learn vocational skills to succeed in a job or trade.

Occupation and vocation have a strong connection to improved mental health, including a decreased chance of long-term substance abuse. By teaching teens how to excel outside the classroom, we are able to boost self-esteem, imbue a sense of self-worth, and help teens take pride in what they are able to accomplish. During their time in the program, teens take part in instructional, hands-on learning experiences that can increase a sense of competency and an ability to achieve.

Trouble in class

Why a GED Matters

There are many career paths in the world. Some require decades of schooling and training, while others can be achieved with a few years of apprenticeship or trade schooling. However, virtually every job has one thing in common: the need for a high school diploma or GED.

A GED, an acronym for General Education Diploma, is an alternative to traditional high school education. For students who do not thrive in a classroom setting, get bored learning in class, or struggle academically due to drug and alcohol abuse, a GED can be a great alternative. Instead of repeating years of school, spending eight hours a day in a classroom, and working with teachers and other professionals, teens can learn at their own pace and receive a GED by passing a comprehensive exam.

The GED has four exam parts that students must pass before moving forward. These sections are:

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Questions take many forms, including multiple choice, short answer, drag and drop, fill in the blank, and extended response. Upon passing all four sections, students will earn a GED. With a GED, teens are free to take part in any professions that requires a high school diploma, join a trade program, or even attend college.

For those interested in an achieving a GED, Teen Treatment Center can help. We are committed to helping our patients to succeed, offering tutoring and test preparation resources for all recovering substance abusers.

The Benefits of Vocational Training

For students who are not interested in college, vocational training can be an excellent way to help students achieve a rewarding career. These programs teach hands-on skills, helping students to master a trade or craft through actionable, practical knowledge.

GED and Vocational Training

Vocational classes are targeted at many valuable trades available in the United States, providing teens with skills that can transition directly into a job opening. Most trades are in high demand with above average starting wages, providing recovering addicts with a way to progress toward a life of independence. Programs are diverse, offering everything from auto mechanic training to hairstyling and beauty careers.

When teens enter our program, they will receive curated professional support, including career counseling, resume services, mock interviews, and more. We know that many teens are unsure of how they want to spend their adult years, so we aim to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible.

Through these essential services, we can help teens transition into the real world with tangible, employable skills that can help them secure meaningful employment and a sense of purpose. With a productive destination, young adults are less likely to relapse and more likely to lead a normal, healthy life.

How Teen Treatment Center Can Help

When teens need help recovering from an addiction to substances, we aim to provide thorough assistance to see growth and development for years to come. Through our programs, we are able to help teens transition from operational thought to a more formal thought process by teaching tasks and activities that require greater deductive reasoning abilities, problem solving skills, and awareness.

Throughout their time with us, teens will be expected to share their newly acquired knowledge with their peers. This process both solidifies the education process and also builds a sense of community as teens teach and learn from one another. We believe in a personalized approach to education, working with our patients to find an effective channel for each and every teen who stays with us.

Get in Touch Today

If you believe your teen could benefit from vocational training or GED preparation coursework, we are happy to help. When you call for an initial consultation, our admissions counselors will speak with you in depth about the programs we have available, the advantages of our facility, and the ways in which your child will benefit from time spent at Teen Treatment Center.

An addiction to drugs or alcohol is no reason to stop progress in its tracks. We believe that all recovering teens have the potential to go on to lead happy and productive lives, and we want to help them get there. Please contact us at (844) 319-5239 to learn more about our treatment programs, therapy options, and extracurricular opportunities.

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