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 Girls-only Treatment Program

It is widely known in the medical community that adolescent girls and boys have different developmental and social needs. For this reason, we offer a female-only facility for troubled girls struggling with substance abuse along with any co-occurring mental health or behavioral conditions. We treat teens ages 13-17 and all aspects of our treatment program are gender-separate.

In a safe and nurturing environment, your daughter will begin to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. During our comprehensive program, she will learn how to set healthy boundaries, develop good communication skills and live without relying on addictive substances. Our girls-only treatment program offers the following: 

  • Substance abuse treatment. We develop a customized plan to help our daughter work through her chemical dependency or substance abuse issues. When appropriate, we start with medical detox to help your teen get through the withdrawal period without succumbing to the discomfort of severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • Mental health treatment. Mental health issues often go hand-in-hand with chemical dependency in teen girls. Whether mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety are caused in part by drug or alcohol use or it’s the other way around, our professional team is adept at helping your teen navigate a dual diagnosis.
  • Family therapy program. Family education and support is critical to ongoing success with rehab and sobriety. We help your family come to terms with the issues at hand, understand triggers for substance abuse and provide you with education about how you can support your daughter as she exits inpatient treatment and reenters regular life.
  • Continuing academics. Our goal is to help your daughter achieve drug- and alcohol-free success in the future, which means we don’t want her to fall further behind in school while in treatment. We offer a range of options to help your teen keep up with academics, including online learning or GED preparation.
  • Court liaison assistance. If your daughter has found herself in legal trouble because of her drug or alcohol use, we offer court liaison assistance so your family can deal with those matters appropriately. In some cases, full completion of treatment in an inpatient program can result in reduced or dropped charges.
  • Recreational therapy. Getting involved in healthy activities, especially with people of her own age, is important for your daughter. We start cementing such healthy habits during inpatient treatment with recreational therapy that helps build confidence, social skills and coping mechanisms.
  • Safe and secure environment. Teen girls require a secure, safe environment for recovery. They must feel they can open up and that they will be cared for emotionally as well as physically, and we understand those needs. We strive to provide a safe environment that you and your daughter can trust.
Teen Girl Treatment

Benefits of Girls-only Treatment 

At Teen Treatment Center, we recognize that teen girls abuse drugs and alcohol for different reasons than boys. A girls-only treatment program will provide your daughter with a number of benefits. Not only is the treatment attuned to girls and their specific needs, but your daughter is able to address her issues without the distraction of boys.

If you feel your daughter is dealing with mental health and chemical dependency issues, don’t hesitate to call us. An experienced, compassionate admissions counselor is always standing by, ready to provide you with answers and help you understand how to get your daughter the help she needs.

We are available 24-hours a day. 

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Treatment for Co-occurring Disorders

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In both teens and adults, it’s common for individuals with substance use disorders to also have co-occurring mental health disorders, also known as dual diagnosis. Teen girls, however, are more likely to suffer from mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration reports that teen girls are three times more likely to experience major depressive episodes than teen boys are.

If your daughter suffers from co-occurring disorders, rest assured she will be in good hands at Teen Treatment Center. Our licensed therapists have successfully treated numerous patients with co-occurring disorders. We have tailored some of our group therapy sessions to address topics and symptoms related to depression and anxiety.

Treatment for Trauma

Teenage girls are more likely to experience trauma, physical abuse and sexual abuse than their male peers. Trauma and abuse are often factors that lead to teen girls abusing drugs and alcohol. Research has found that females with substance abuse and trauma issues tend to fare better in gender-separate treatment programs. In mixed-gender treatment settings, girls often feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about traumatic experiences (e.g. sexual assault, domestic violence).

If your daughter has been the victim of abuse or experienced a traumatic event, we can help. We have created a nurturing environment where teen girls can recover from both substance abuse and trauma. In group therapy, your daughter can openly discuss her feelings without the fear of being ridiculed or judged. Here, she will receive invaluable support from teens that have been through similar struggles.

Signs of Mental Health or Substance Abuse Disorders

Teen girls are notoriously moody, so how do you know if your daughter is in need of professional assistance or just some alone time? If you notice multiple issues from the list below, consider calling us to find out more about treatment options and whether your teen might need help:

  • Unexplained mood changes that are beyond those usually exhibited by your daughter
  • A drop in academic performance
  • Sudden disinterest in activities that used to engage your daughter
  • Lack of communication with friends and family when communication is common for your daughter
  • A sudden change in your daughter’s friend circle
  • A change in how your daughter approaches responsibilities and obligations, especially if she suddenly starts to drop the ball, not show up or not stay engaged during activities
  • Lying, cheating or stealing
  • Changes in concentration and memory
  • Nausea, vomiting or stomach distress that is unexplained
  • Changes in appetite or sleep
  • Engaging in risky behavior that is not normal for your teen

While just one or an occasional presence of these types of symptoms doesn’t necessarily indicate your daughter is dealing with mental health or substance abuse problems, a few of these signs can be an indication that something is amiss. It’s always better to be safe now than sorry later, since both mental health and chemical dependency issues can come with serious and even deadly consequences.

Any call you make to our facility is confidential, and there’s no pressure. Call now to discuss your worries and find out what next steps you can take to alleviate the situation.

Treatment Tailored to Girls’ Needs

We understand the unique issues today’s teens are facing. In addition to addressing substance abuse and mental health disorders, our treatment program also focuses on body image, self-esteem, sexual issues and other sensitive topics. Since your daughter will be in a gender-separate setting, she will be able to connect with other girls and build a strong support system.

Strong Female Role Models

Teen Treatment Center

It is frequently documented that adolescence is a critical time for gender identity formation. Our program is focused on positive female development and giving girls the necessary tools and skills needed to navigate into adulthood.

Adolescent girls place a high importance on relationships. Here, your daughter will receive support and guidance from positive female role models. With the help of our staff, your daughter will develop a strong sense of self.

Getting Your Daughter Back on Track

Substance abuse and co-occurring disorders can be effectively treated. By utilizing evidence-based therapies, we can help your child get back on track. When she leaves our facility, she will be armed with coping mechanisms and life skills to help her make good decisions and face life’s challenges.

To learn more about our girls-only treatment program, please call us now at (877) 960-1422. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.


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