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Katie Chernak


It was Katie Chernak and her husband, Michael’s vision to build a treatment facility where addicts can receive a solid foundation for recovery. Katie’s mission is to restore hope to those suffering from the ravaging affects of addiction. She ensures our facility is a safe place where patients can receive continuous care and get the full support of our staff. It was in part her vision that the founding principles of The Treatment Center be that patients are the number one focus and there should be no bureaucracy. The strength of the company rests on the team of employees who provide around-the-clock care, love, and support for all patients.

Katie believes The Treatment Center is a place where the sick and tired go when they are tired of being sick and tired. She takes pride in knowing our staff doesn’t promise a cure-all treatment, but is honestly there for patients every step of the way. By offering the newest, out-of-the-box, yet effective therapies, the facility provides truly groundbreaking treatment.

Given her own experience in recovery, Katie enjoys helping other addicts on their road to recovery. Her passion is to give back to alcoholics and drug addicts what was so freely given to her. With two kids in college, she understands how the disease of addiction can affect the entire family. Katie is most proud to see her kids as branches of her and Michael. As they have matured, her children have become advocates for addiction recovery as well. 

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