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Teen Treatment Center Parent Testimonials

At Teen Treatment Center, we recognize what a difficult decision you are making when considering sending your child to a substance abuse treatment facility. Many parents have come to us asking if they can hear from other families who have already gone through this experience. Below you will find testimonials from parents of our Teen Treatment Center alumni. These families not only know what you are going through, but have chosen to share their experience to help other families along this difficult journey.  


A Teen's Story

From Brokenness to Breakthroughs

TTC is an extremely beneficial program to young addicts, in my opinion. I learned a lot about myself, and how to deal with issues in ways I didnt know before. Honestly I would recommend this program to other addicts my age because of how amazing it is! - Randle F.

At first, I didnt like being here because it was a new environment. Once I got adjusted, I made myself comfortable and stayed positive for most of my stay. Having dogs here definitely helped relieve stress and anxiety, and I believe that staying here has given me a new perspective on the use of drugs. I think that I will be able to stay sober & am fully commited. - Michael P.

A Mothers TestimonialA Mother's Story: From Hopeless to Hopeful

Prior to treatment, we were under constant stress having to be hyper-vigilant to try to determine where our daughter was versus where she was supposed to be. We were following up almost daily with teachers and school counselors; looking for signs of our daughter’s drug use; dealing with loud, aggressive verbal abuse and we were always ready for the next problem to occur. We were also having increasing marital problems due to our daughter’s efforts to pit us against one another.  (Read More)


A Mothers Story: From Brokenness to Breakthroughs

From Brokenness to Breakthroughs

"After receiving treatment, my son is a different kid. He cares and loves himself. He wants to better himself. He talks more about his future and college. He is excited about life in general. When he has a bad day, he goes to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. It makes him feel better. My son learned how to control his temper and use the exercises that were taught at Teen Treatment Center in his everyday life." –L.T. (Read More)

Teen Treatment Center Testimonials

Restoring Hope

"Of course there are still struggles, but since coming home, our daughter is working hard to stay on the right path. When she takes steps backwards, she doesn’t keep going backwards, and starts going forward again. She’s gone to group therapy on her own, goes to individual therapy, and plans to start going to church on Sundays. I feel like she has the tools now to make the right choices." –L.H. (Read More)


a-fathers-story-warning-signs.jpgWarning Signs of Teen Substance Abuse

"If I were to sit down and talk to a parent, I realize it’s a case by case issue, but in our case, we didn’t want it to get to a point where our son was a lot further gone than he was. We didn’t want him to get so bad that he had to go through detox and whatnot. I would tell a parent that if you see any warning signs or behaviors, to get it early and don’t wait until your child becomes a full-blown addict. Don’t hesitate, don’t wait, get your child the help they need, and let them know you’re doing this out of love and for their safety." -E.F. (Read More)


Teen Treatment Center Testimonials

Committing to Long-term Sobriety

"Since attending Teen Treatment Center, my son seems happier. He seems to accept himself for who he is. The fact that he was willing to transition into sober living and extend his treatment for another twelve weeks was a great sign. I feel our relationship has improved because he is more open and I am able to read him better." -G.M. (Read More)


A Mother's Story: FroM Self Doubt to Academic SuccessFrom Self Doubt to Academic Success

"The staff have been wonderful. Everyone has been very hands on. Since attending Teen Treatment Center, my son’s communication has really broadened. He lacks confidence with his academic work, but now, he is seeing that he is capable of doing well. His classes have been going really well and he was able to pass all of his courses." -A.B. (Read More)


Walking tall again

Committing to Long-term Sobriety

"For a parent who is seeking treatment and looking at Teen Treatment Center, I would tell them to definitely do it. I feel this has worked for our daughter in every way possible. Of course, there’s always a chance of relapse, but it has given her such a strong foundation. She seems to be renewed." -L.S. (Read More)


Finding Help For Your Child

A mother of A Treatment Center Alumni discusses the difficulty of sending her daughter to rehab and the hope that they found in her rehabilitation. Keli's mom tells the story of confronting the issue and their journey to restoring their family. 

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