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Treatment Costs

“How much does teen treatment cost?” It’s the question we receive most often.

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At Teen Treatment Center, we understand the frustration and fear that many parents have when it comes to providing their child with access to the rehab and treatment they need for addiction. We understand your concerns about paying for high-quality treatment and how much of a challenge that can be for you. We will never recommend that you choose poor quality treatment because it costs less. When parents do this, many of their teens are traumatized or may never fully get the benefit they deserve. In the long term, paying for quality care means your teen is getting the best possible chance at recovery. What’s more, it is not necessarily out of the reach of many of today’s families.

Focusing on Recovery and Your Teen’s Health

The health of your teen is the most important thing to focus on right now. With an estimated 22.5 percent of 12th graders using marijuana each month, it’s critical that you don’t overlook intervention now. The National Institute on Drug Abuse shares these statistics, and others, to indicate just how prevalent early abuse it. With our recovery and treatment options, we can help you and your teen to get on the right path. Please don’t overlook quality care due to cost. We offer several options to help you make teen rehab more affordable.

Financial Options to Make Treatment Stress Free

The Teen Treatment Center offers several opportunities that can help families to afford the very best in care for their teen. We make the financial process as easy and as stress-free as possible. We accept insurance for treatment. In addition, we offer several self-pay options to help you to get the care necessary.

Does My Insurance Cover Teen Treatment?

Teen Treatment Costs

“Does insurance cover rehab?” In most cases, yes. We accept a wide range of insurance plans. Please contact our offices immediately to learn more to learn more about your specific plan.

Mental health, behavior health, and addiction treatment are available to your teen. Many times, private insurance plans, such as those sponsored by your employer or purchased through the Affordable Care Act, will provide policyholders with access to quality teen treatment. This may include financial coverage from medically-supervised detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient care. Each policy is different, though.

Many insurance providers require pre-certification of coverage prior to your enrollment in the program. We can help you with this process. You may be required, under the terms of your policy, to contact the insurer directly to as about verification. In other cases, we can do this for you.

Again, many insurance policies cover the treatment your teen needs completely. This includes substance abuse and mental health costs.

Understanding Insurance Verification and Teen Rehab Cost

Teen Treatment Costs - Call NowIf your teen needs substance abuse and mental health support right now, contact our office immediately for support in verifying your insurance: (844) 319-5239.

When you call us, we will gather information about your policy from you. We will then contact your insurance provider directly on your behalf to get information about your specific benefits. In most situations, this process of us recieving verification from your insurance takes less than an hour to complete.

After confirmation of your benefits from your insurer, our counselor will call you to discuss what your insurance offers. Our goal is to ensure your teen’s needs can be met with the coverage provided on your plan. We’ll discuss what we can offer as a result of your plan and, if necessary, any additional care we recommend beyond the plan’s coverage. We will discuss with you:

  • In-network and out-of-network coverage you have
  • Levels of care available with your policy
  • The deductible you have to pay before insurance begins to take effect
  • The percentage you may have to pay out-of-pocket

This process ensures you understand exactly what coverage you have and what you will have to pay for care.

Our Insurance Coverage

We offer treatment covered by most common insurance companies for our residential treatment center services. This includes:

  • Aetna
  • AmeriHealth
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • BCBS Federal
  • Great-West
  • Tufts Health Plan
  • United Healthcare
  • Most other private plans

Self-Pay Options

Should you lack insurance coverage, we may still be able to help you. Talk to our team about teen treatment options through our private pay plans. Our admissions counselors will provide you with more detailed information. Reach out to us for more information today.

Insurance information and additional support is available through a FREE, confidential consultation. Call (844) 319-5239. We are available to you 24 hours a day.

Parent Testimonials | Teen Treatment Center

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